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i believe you are a pretty under-rated sprite animater.
(as of right now your score is only 3.20)
you have some very unique choreogrphy sequences.
i am having a hard time grasping the whole story, but this video did explain more than your previous ones.
some of your particle effects seemed like they haven't been used before, and they also added alot more depth in your attacts.
my only problem is that you released a preview of this one also.
but thats just me, i like finished products over previews.

smoothuser responds:

Yeah, I don't understand those damn ratings and such. It could be because I deleted, corrected some stuff, then reloaded it again. The only reason I did it that way is because when I tried to load the corrected product, It gave me a message saying I can't load a duplicate flash, so I was forced to change the root name and reload it again. Guess i'm suffering for that. I worked long and hard on this one and that rating shit is kinda pissing me off. Oh well, it's for the fans. Thanks for watching and rating.


i really like the fact that you didn't use a "DBZ like" fighting system,
and the fact that you based your flash on a character that is hardly ever used
in flash movies is a very good step in the right direction.
the way you had some characters enter the fight was clever,
but some of them didn't really do anything when they got there.
i can understand that it is a short video and people will come and go
pretty fast, but if you do something like this again, i suggest
you either, establish the opposing fighters right off the bat,
and focus on just those people, or if you introduce new characters,
have them at least put up a decent fight or take a decent beating.
in terms of your flash style in this video, you can do complex fight patterns pretty well, but the finale seemed a bit rushed.


you have a unique style of animating sprites.
some of the moves that ken did were very innovative.
also, very interesting match up there at the end.
what hurt this animation for me was the lack of a background.
now i have no idea what has happened previously,
so the background may be justified, and if it is, then i apologize.
but i think you could have done a lot more with a background for you to work with.

TechLeSSWaYz responds:

thank you. and your right... I could have done more with the background. but for this animation I already change 2 sets of sprites. changing the BG would be alittle weird

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this song reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu's style

for me, the first half of the song was the strongest point,
don't get me wrong, the song as a whole was fantastic,
but the last 40 or so seconds of your rhythm track seemed a bit safe.

Catstuffer responds:

Gald you liked it. I don't know what "Uematsu" style is.... And I'm not sure waht you mean by "safe". I didn't intend for this piece to be dangerous! lol

Thanks for the review! :D


this is the best rendition of the song i have ever heard.
you have made the song sound more urgent.
there is nothing i can say that would help you improve on in this song
other than the sudden stop at the end.
but that won't cause a deduction from me at lease.

nice song

it reminds me of Rise Against,
i feel it missing something,
but i can't really tell

jay-kellom responds:

maybe some vocals? hahaa
but thanx for your comment, and thanx for checking it out!

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