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MKU 3: Ressurection MKU 3: Ressurection

Rated 5 / 5 stars


i believe you are a pretty under-rated sprite animater.
(as of right now your score is only 3.20)
you have some very unique choreogrphy sequences.
i am having a hard time grasping the whole story, but this video did explain more than your previous ones.
some of your particle effects seemed like they haven't been used before, and they also added alot more depth in your attacts.
my only problem is that you released a preview of this one also.
but thats just me, i like finished products over previews.

smoothuser responds:

Yeah, I don't understand those damn ratings and such. It could be because I deleted, corrected some stuff, then reloaded it again. The only reason I did it that way is because when I tried to load the corrected product, It gave me a message saying I can't load a duplicate flash, so I was forced to change the root name and reload it again. Guess i'm suffering for that. I worked long and hard on this one and that rating shit is kinda pissing me off. Oh well, it's for the fans. Thanks for watching and rating.

Yoshi's Brawl Yoshi's Brawl

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


i really like the fact that you didn't use a "DBZ like" fighting system,
and the fact that you based your flash on a character that is hardly ever used
in flash movies is a very good step in the right direction.
the way you had some characters enter the fight was clever,
but some of them didn't really do anything when they got there.
i can understand that it is a short video and people will come and go
pretty fast, but if you do something like this again, i suggest
you either, establish the opposing fighters right off the bat,
and focus on just those people, or if you introduce new characters,
have them at least put up a decent fight or take a decent beating.
in terms of your flash style in this video, you can do complex fight patterns pretty well, but the finale seemed a bit rushed.

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Street Fighter Epic Ep.4 Street Fighter Epic Ep.4

Rated 4 / 5 stars


you have a unique style of animating sprites.
some of the moves that ken did were very innovative.
also, very interesting match up there at the end.
what hurt this animation for me was the lack of a background.
now i have no idea what has happened previously,
so the background may be justified, and if it is, then i apologize.
but i think you could have done a lot more with a background for you to work with.

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TechLeSSWaYz responds:

thank you. and your right... I could have done more with the background. but for this animation I already change 2 sets of sprites. changing the BG would be alittle weird

VG Exiles - Episode 2 VG Exiles - Episode 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars

a milestone

the fight had so much sence of urgency,
the twist at the conclusion of the fight caught me off guard,
you had an excellent choice of music throughtout the whole movie,
the voice talent worked very well with each character,
the artwork, for me, had its ups and downs,
the way 3Xstudios made gambit look like a psycho was perfect,
but some of the artwork looked like they had different quality or textures,
nothing too different though,
the very end was brilliant,
the art for that really sold it for me too, very gory

32-Bit Tournament-2 32-Bit Tournament-2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


some of your effects are more colorful and bright from part one,
your transitions from location to location during the fight were clever,
the comedy during the talking scenes, to me, gave those scenes replay value,
which is very hard to do for the most part,
your running sprites for sean and akuma looked different,
but that is fine,
the pace of it could've been faster, but that is just what i think
ps. that giant lobster monster had a super art? XD

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Reptile vs. Scorpion Reptile vs. Scorpion

Rated 3 / 5 stars


this is very "official"
i think the fatality was original
and hardly no one uses blood
i don't know if you're going for the official look or not
but if not, try speeding things up a bit
(by official i mean matching it to the game as much as possible)

Ryu Vs. Hulk Ryu Vs. Hulk

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


maybe you have heard this already but the hulk sprites are kinda..... dated
the mavel vs capcom version is probibly the the best out there
i don't know what your fps is but try 20 fps
i have heard alot of people say that,
just spend more time on your flash
and also sound effects are pretty important
but they are not really required, but it makes the veiwer kinda "feel" the impact

Ken vs. Mario Ken vs. Mario

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

i can't believe what i just saw

the fight is original ill give you that
the concept i found to be funny
this probibly deseves a little bit more in terms of ratings
well i thought is was a funny little skit

M2 - Surviving M2 - Surviving

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


this shocked me
to improve this much
it amazes me
the choreography was ten times better
you added a few bits of humor which is awesome
i saw scorpion and kung lao in the train as it went by and busted out laughing
it was perfectly placed
and its also good to see that the main character isn't godly strong
seeing that she need help
i can't wait to see the next one

Suroy responds:

LOL.... inside this movie exists 4 easter eggs... you found 1 of then.... LOL.... but have 3 to found yet... 1 of easter eggs is a kinda of "videoclip"... try found it....

Thanks for your review, is very important to me... And see ya on the next eps.

M2 - A New Challenge M2 - A New Challenge

Rated 4 / 5 stars

original fight setup

i haven't seen these two fight before
the fight choriography was great
the plot seems interesting enough to me to continue watching your videos
i do have a question
i see alot of people using the super art sound effect from 3rd strike
and i can't find it at all, it has bothered me up to the point of being an asshole
about it and asking on a reveiw space
but how in the world do you find it
i have looked everywhere

Suroy responds:

well... a friend give me this sounds to make this first animation... but I found these sounds and many others on - http://gh.ffshrine.org - and maybe I use some sounds from this site on my 3rd movie.

Sorry about this delay to answer your question.